remodel your home

The remodeling boom!

Has anyone besides me noticed the number of construction cranes rising above the skyline when driving around Madison and the suburbs?  There’s a construction boom going on and it’s noticeable in many areas, especially in perth.  It is important to hire come experts during construction, as some underground cables can get caught on fire. If you wish to prevent it, then it is important to hire experts who sell separation batteries – click here for more information. Have you driven down East Washington Avenue lately?  It’s crazy! 

The pandemic has crushed some sectors of the economy and badly bruised others but the remodeling and construction sectors are on fire.  If you were also considering buying or selling your home you will also be pleasantly surprised as this is a buyers market and a sellers market at the same time. When does that happen? Homes are being sold in less than 24 hours of being on the market. Interest rates are at record lows and the refinancing business is increasing at a rapid pace.

So what does all of this mean for you?  If you’re thinking about a remodeling your current home or want to put on the addition now is the time to do it.

However, where there’s good news there’s always a little bad news to go with it. The first item on the list is time.  Renovation companies are booked for months in advance and they can’t seem to hire enough people for the work they have. Getting your job approved is one thing. How far down on the waitlist you’re willing to is another.  But if you’re patient and you have the time you can book your cost now and get other things accomplished while you wait for your project to start.

The other bit of bad news is the obnoxious cost of materials. A simple framing 8 foot 2×4 is now around $8.00 when back in July it was $2.00.  That is shockingly high priced.  A 4×8 sheet of OSB is around $30.00 when it used to be around $11.00.  This is OSB and not even plywood.  That’s not even fair …. 

The pandemic has affected many things in the remodeling sector and the price of supplies and other tools not made in America have been on the rise for months with no end in sight.  Electrical switches and wire as well as recessed lighting fixtures have all increased in price. But my research has shown that the quality and technology has greatly improved so that may be the reason why prices have risen.  Some of the recessed lights are all contained in one enclosed unit and the lightbulb will last you 20 years. It’s hard to find a lightbulb today that isn’t an LED bulb.  I’m a big fan of that kind of lighting but it’s different as you can’t dim them down to almost nothing and the dimmer switch needed to power these lights is different then the old dimmer switches and much more expensive. The beauty of these fancy new dimmer switches is that you can get them so you can turn on your lights using your phone and a free app.  Now that is worth the extra money.  And, you can control every light in your home that way once you switch the lights and the switches out.  Because at some point you will have to.

So, not everything is bad if you look at things a little differently. The only thing you will probably have to change is your level of patience. In the downtime provided you can have some fun and conduct some research on all the fantastic gadgets on the market that will make your remodel project worth waiting for.