An illustration of a two-story house in Madison, WI, highlighting energy loss. Red arrows show heat escaping through the roof, windows, and doors, while blue arrows indicate ventilation and drafts within rooms. Exterior renovations are shown to improve efficiency. The house is surrounded by trees with the sun shining brightly.

Insulation basics

Baby, it’s cold outside… Winter has punched us in the gut early this year. Way too early for most as many of us still have leaves on our trees and have not prepared the house for a long cold winter. That’s because winter is a month early. So let’s talk about insulation as you can

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A person wearing protective gear sprays foam insulation on the walls of an unfinished attic space in a home in Madison, WI. The wooden frame of the roof is visible, and the floor is covered with a tarp to catch excess foam material. Natural light enters through a window in the background, highlighting ongoing exterior renovations.

Insulation 101

If you’re going to put an addition on your home or perform any kind of remodeling, insulation has to be a topic you’re going to need to talk about. Today, insulation is one of the most technologically advanced products for your home and although you don’t see it, it’s so important in many ways.

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