A stainless steel espresso machine with a built-in grinder, perfect for your newly renovated kitchen in Madison, WI. It features a central pressure gauge, various buttons and dials, front panel indicators, a portafilter for dispensing coffee grounds underneath the grinder, and a steam wand on the right.

What to upgrade in your home for 2020

In the last article, I spoke about remodeling your home instead of upgrading. There is a difference between the two as upgrading isn’t really changing the structure of your home as much as it’s about upgrading everything in it. To upgrade all at once is expensive which is why you should upgrade small items ever so often and on a smaller scale then upgrade all at once. As an example: your water heater. These things don’t last very long and when they go they go at the worst time. When your water heater goes you definitely want to upgrade it to a tankless water heater. These things cost about $1,500 but this is an amazing investment, just like horario mercado forex investments.

Another item you should upgrade is your kitchen oven. If your home is like our home then the kitchen is the heart and soul where everyone gathers and the range is the centerpiece of the kitchen. When you upgrade get a good one and I mean get a Wolf Dual Fuel Range. Dual Fuel means the oven is electric and the burners are gas. The beauty here is the self-cleaning feature. Wolf has perfected this feature and I’m here to tell you that it works and it is wonderful!

Sonos is the way to go for music throughout your home and when you’re ready to upgrade adding a Sonos sound system is incredible. Yes, Sonos is pricey but amazing at the same time.

got extra space under the basement stairs? We did but we added a wine cellar that holds 510 bottles and designed the cellar to follow the angle of the stairs. It’s self-cooled with the cement against the north wall and keeps the wine nice and chilled all year long. Although we made our own wine rack to fit custom fit our stairs you buy these racks and custom fit them as well.  Wine racks are inexpensive and easy to do if you like collecting and storing wines for you and your friends and family. We always buy a nice bottle or three every two weeks and save them on the cellar. We have collected over 200 bottles since we started several years ago.  Here’s a place where you can start to look.

Adding a gas fireplace. This is not a big expense as Top Hat has a could pf styles that fit nicely in a corner and are easy to install. You will need a plumber to hook up the gas but building the frame to hold the fireplace is pretty easy to do and can be accomplished in a weekend. The most difficult part is choosing how to decorate your new fireplace. It’s also the most fun.

Get rid of the old coffee pot and add a Breville Espresso maker. If your a coffee connoisseur then this is a must-have item. Plus, it looks cool sitting on your counter. Take a trip to Sur La Table in Hilldale and take your pick.

These are just a few upgrades to your home you should consider for the living the good life you so richly deserve.